Charter Standard

Players Training Charter

Now that pre-season training has begun we need to set down some ground rules to ensure that we get everything possible out of the short time we have before the season starts.

Therefore we have drawn up a players training charter, please make every effort to adhere to it and don't stand back and let others do all the work, it's a team game so let's act like a team even in practice.

Player's responsibilities

Turn up on time training starts at 7pm sharp

If you need to leave at a set time please inform the coach before training and don't just walk off when you need to go.

Please help to carry any equipment that is either outside the container or the changing room doors

If you need a drink during training please bring your own or fill the water bottles provided

Ensure you do a short warm up BEFORE touching a rugby ball this should take the form of stretching, light jogging and dynamic exercise (lunges, leg flicks etc)

During training please listen to the coach/coaches, obey instructions and respond to the whistle

Put in 100% effort only you will know if you could have pushed yourself further

Try to participate in every drill

Do your best to train in your own time away from the club, it is always better to have a basic core fitness level

ALWAYS encourage fellow trainers even if they are holding you up.

ALWAYS take on fluids throughout the session

Ask questions if you are not sure of anything, dont wing it

Have fun, these sessions whilst hard, are meant to be fun and will be as varied as possible

Dont complain, if it wasn't for the effort of the coaches and your team there wouldn't be a training session.

If you have any suggestions please speak to one of the coaches after the session unless it relates to an immediate health and safety issue.

At the end of the session please ensure ALL equipment is returned to the outside of the container don't leave it thinking someone else will do it.

Encourage others to come training, the sessions are far more enjoyable if we have a good number of players to work with