1. The name of the club shall be the Crewe and Nantwich Rugby Union Football Club

2. The object of the Club is to provide facilities for and promote participation of the whole community in the sport of Rugby Union Football and for the social interaction of its members.

3. All playing members of the Club, at all age groups, shall be expected to wear Club colours whilst playing matches on behalf of the Club; whether friendly, league or other.

The current playing colours of the Club are: Shirts Black, white,
red and gold; Shorts Black; Socks Black with white tops.

There is an alternative strip that may be worn for colour
clashes or cup competitions; this shall be: Shirts Red and
black; Shorts Black; Socks - Black and red.

Occasionally, at the discretion of the management committee, the traditional colours of a white shirt with a single black circlet may be worn.

The management committee can recommend any alteration to these colours
for a forthcoming season but this must be endorsed at the AGM.

4. The officers of the Club shall be the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Chairman of the Development Committee, Director of Rugby and Chairman of the Mini/Junior Committee.

5. The President, who shall be an ex-officio officer of the Club, shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting and serve for a period of 2 years, after which the post comes up for re-election once again.

6. The Club shall be managed by a Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) which, subject to general meetings, shall determine Club policy. Its members shall consist of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer plus the Chairman of each of the sub-committees hereinafter mentioned.

Four members shall constitute a quorum and the committee shall have power to co-opt up to three members and so fill any casual vacancy that may occur on the Committee or any sub-committees.

7. There shall be the following sub-committees:

I. Executive responsible for Administration and Finance whose function will be to ensure that all sub-committees are meeting regularly and in a responsible manner to advise on budgeting and expenditure. Members of this sub-committee must include the Chairman of the Club, the Secretary and Treasurer plus any other member they may wish to co-opt but no more than a total of 5 altogether.

II. Development – responsible for fundraising, sponsorship, social events etc. as well as the day to day maintenance of the changing rooms and pitches. They are charged with developing ideas and forming a programme for the future of the Club.

The Chairman of the sub-committee will be elected at the AGM together with members covering responsibility for the various headings. A representative from the Mini/Junior section plus the Club Chairman and Treasurer to be in attendance.

III. Rugby (Playing) responsible for all playing matters covering fixtures, coaching, selection of teams and recruitment of players, includes the administration and collection of players subscriptions and weekly match fees as well as dealing with players discipline both on and off the field.

The Chairman shall be elected at the AGM together with all the other playing officers i.e. Fixture Secretary, Team Secretary, Cheshire RFU Representative, Subscription Secretary, Disciplinary Officer and the Captains and Vice-Captains of all teams.

IV. Mini/Junior Rugby whose function shall be to promote and develop the playing of Rugby Union Football by persons under the age of 19. The section to form its own committee and appoint its own Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

It is to liaise with the Senior Club by appointing a member to the Executive Committee and Development Committee. It will raise and administer its own funding having a separate bank account from the Senior Club and producing a statement of accounts at the end of a season. A transfer of monies either way can be made subject to arrangements between the Chairman of the Senior Club and the Youth section.

8. The Committee and sub-committees shall keep a written record of minutes of each meeting and the minutes of the Committee shall be posted by the assistant Secretary within seven days of being approved.

9. The sub-committees shall have the right to co-opt members subject to the approval of the Committee.

10. All members of the Club are entitled to attend meetings of the Committee or sub-committees but not to vote or speak without leave of the Chairman and provided also that the Committee or sub-committees may go into closed session to deal with confidential business.

11. Membership is open to the whole community without discrimination, but any member having joined shall deem to accept the rules of the club.

12. The names of all members whose current subscription which shall be determined by the Committee, has not been paid before the 30th day of November in any year and who neglect to comply with a written request for payment within fourteen days after the same shall have been sent to them shall be posted on the Notice Board of the Club, and such members shall cease to be members on the expiration of such period of time unless a reason satisfactory to the Committee shall be given for the delay.

13. The Committee may elect persons as Vice-Presidents of the Club in recognition of their service to the Club, the Rugby Football Union or the community. Vice Presidents are entitled to vote at any Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting of the Club.

14. There shall be a disciplinary sub-committee comprising of the Chairman, Director of Rugby and one senior member. The disciplinary committee shall have the power to expel, suspend or fine any member for good cause.

Before any such decision is taken, the disciplinary committee shall give the member at least seven days written notice to attend the meeting of the disciplinary committee at which the matter is to be determined and shall inform him of the complaint(s) made against him.

The decision of the disciplinary committee shall be made by majority, the Chairman not having a casting vote, and the member shall have a right to appeal to the committee, notice of which must be served on the Assistant General Secretary within seven days of the decision. Members of the Committee who are members of the Disciplinary Committee shall not be entitled to be present when the Committee sits at an appeal tribunal.

15. The Committee shall have the power to make bye-laws for regulating the conduct and affairs of the Club provided the same are not inconsistent with these rules. Such bye-laws shall be posted in some conspicuous part of the Club premises and shall be binding on all of the members.

16. A general meeting of the Club shall be held in every year and not later than the end of August to transact the following business:

a. To receive a report from the Management Committee;

b. To receive and, if approved, to adopt a statement of the Clubs accounts to the end of the preceding year;

c. To consider any alteration to these rules;

d. To elect the Officers, Chairman and members of sub-committees and Captains and Vice-Captains.

e. To appoint an auditor or auditors.

f. To deal with any other matter pertinent to the management of the club of which not less than three days notice shall have been given by not less than five members.

Notice convening the general meeting shall be sent to the members not later than ten days before the meeting.

17. A Special General Meeting may be convened at any time by the Committee and shall be convened by the Committee within 21 days of the receipt by the Assistant Secretary of a requisition in writing signed by not less than fifteen members specifying the object of such a meeting for any of the following purposes

a. To consider any alterations to these rules.

b. To deal with any special matter which the committee may desire to place before the members

c. To receive the resignation of the Committee or to remove any member or members thereof from office and to fill any vacancy or vacancies caused

d. To deal with any special matter which the members requiring the meeting wish to place before the club. Notice convening a Special General Meeting shall be sent to the members not less than seven days before the meeting and shall specify the matters to be dealt with.
18. The Chairman or in his absence the Vice Chairman or in his absence, a person elected by the meeting shall preside at Committee and general meetings and shall have a casting or additional vote in the event of equality of votes.

This rule shall apply mutatis: mutandis to meetings of the sub-Committee specified in rule 7. hereof, At general meetings, twenty-five members shall form a quorum.

19. In any question of interpretation of these rules, the decision of the Committee shall be final.

20. The membership shall indemnify the Committee and Officers of the Club in respect of any liability arising out of any contract entered into by the Committee or duly authorised Officer, provided such contract is not ultra vireos the rules of the club, and shall similarly indemnify the Committee and any duly authorised Officers in respect of any other legal liability howsoever arising provided such liability arose during the exercise of powers vested in them by the Committee.

21. All surplus income or profits to be re-invested in the Club. No surpluses or assets will be distributed to members or third parties.

22. Upon dissolution of the Club, any remaining assets shall be given or transferred to another CASC, a registered charity or the sports governing body.